Top # 100+ Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS For Lovers

Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS For GF, BF, Wife, Husband Fiance & Crush: Hi! Good Morning. So are you looking for the best Rose Day 2017 Wishes and Quotes? if yes then you landed to the right place. All of us know the importance of love and friendship. But because people have got busier with their hectic schedules, there was a need for special days. These days are dedicated to people who are busy and don’t find days to celebrate love/friendship. These days come in the month of February. It all started from 14th Feb, this day is known as the Valentine’s Day. Soon this day turned out to be a success, and people started celebrating it all around the world.

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The teenagers and the college goers soon realised that they need more such days. So they started celebrating the days before the Valentine Day. These days we dedicated and divided with a purpose, like a hug day, teddy day, rose day, etc. This new collection of ours is spent on the rose day and is titled as Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS For Lovers.

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Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS For GF, BF, Wife, Husband Fiance & Crush

You May Like: Rose Day 2017 Wishes

Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS
Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS

This collection is obviously free for you. You can refer or copy the wishes, messages and forward them easily through social media. The advantage of doing this is that our collection is fresh. Your wishes will be new and would not seem like forwarded from someone else. So start referring this collection. Here, We are providing the best Happy Rose Day 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS For Your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Fiance & Crush

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Top 30+ Happy Rose Day Messages and SMS

  •  Yellow to show our happiness,
    White to show our purity,
    Black to show our darkest secrets,
    And red to show our love
  • There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to the one you love. Happy Rose Day 2017 Dear.
  • My heart for you will never break,
    My smile for you will never fade,
    My love for you will never end,
    Happy rose day 2017.
  • Sweet short message by a True Lover I am MaD for her, But I am not MaDE for her. Happy Rose 2017 Day SMS for Girlfriend.


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Happy Rose Day 2017 Messages For Lovers

  • A Single Rose for you for being in my life,
    Thank you so, mush for completing my Life.
    Happy Rose Day 2017.
  • Morning is Lucky  Because She has Sun.
    Sky Is Lucky Because sky has stars.
    Rose Is Lucky Because she Is most pretty.
    I am lucky because you are my love
    Happy Rose Day 2017.
  • Rose Means! The promise of a new beginning.
    Welcome Back, Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Remember Me, Jealousy,
    “I care” So I Love U With Rose.
  • Everything About You Is Interesting, Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty, Your Scent And Your Company. I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face. I Love You My Precious Rose. Happy Rose Day 2017.

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Happy Rose Day 2017 SMS For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

  • When A Touch Could Heal A Wound,
    When Eyes’s Could Speak Volumes,
    When A Smile Can Confirm I M There,
    Then Why Do V Need Onwards 2 Say I Love You.
  • Be regular as clock
    Be soft as flower
    Be strong as rock
    Be nice to me
    I know it’s difficult
  • Rose is not only a flower,
    It is a symbol of love,
    It indicates that true love never ends,
    But always live in the hearts of true lovers.
    Happy rose day 2017.
  •  Everyone loves the most beautiful girl,
    But I love you my red rose,
    As it’s you only who make my life beautiful,
    Happy rose day 2017.
  • A rose doesn’t mean for proposing love. it also means
    R- Rare
    O- Ones
    S- Supporting
    E- Entire life

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Top 50+ Happy Rose Day 2017 Quotes

  • The most magical moments are those when you forget yourself in the joy of someone’s presence.
  • During the day I keep myself busy and sometimes time passes. But at night, I really miss you. Happy Rose Day 2017
  • If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears
  • That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful
  • Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn
  • Real life isn’t purely filled with roses and rainbows. – Ken Poirot
  • If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking roses for a lifetime. – Swedish Proverb


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Love Rose Day 2017 Quotes For Lover

  • You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses
  • The red rose whispers of passion and the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, and the white rose is a dove
  • Don’t even think to ignore this rose day because if you have ignored this rose day then you may lose her/him forever
  • A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won’t come true
  • It doesn’t matter how you look, what your weight is or how much makeup you put on. The right guy will love you for what’s on the inside
  • Beauty without virtue is like a rose without scent.

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 Last Quotes for Rose Day 2017 [7th Feb Quotes]

  • One can talk good and shower down roses, but it’s the receiver that has to walk through the thorns and all its false expectations. – Anthony Liccione
  • Love and a red rose can’t be hid.
  • A single rose can be my garden. A single friend, my world
  • Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense
  • Everyone likes the rose petals, but not the green sepals, which protects it in its building stage. Similarly, everyone loves the beautiful faces but not those who spend life in making others beautiful
  • Groups that rose from poverty to prosperity seldom did so by having their own racial or ethnic leaders to follow
  • The flower is always a flower. No matter the colour, size, shape, or aroma. It will always be welcome even with thorns. – Maria Got

Rose Day 2017 Wishes For Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Fiance & Crush

  • Happy Rose Day 2017 Wishes Photos Bunch of Red Roses for my true love I can’t live without you, Love U a Very Happy Rose Day 2017
  • Delicious than the candies, Lovelier than the Red roses, more embrace peak than delicate toys that is what’s you’re here’s wishing you a Rose Day that is as special you’re Happy Rose Day 2017.
  • Believe me, you are the one, Whom my heart finds, Whom my mind reminds me of, Whom my destiny wants, Whom I love the most. Happy Rose Day 2017.
  • The Rose Speaks of Love Silently, in a language known only to the Heart. Happy Rose Day 2017.
  • Affection is much similar to a wild rose, delightful and quiet, yet eager to attract blood its resistance. Happy Rose Day 2017.
  • Love can be expressed in many ways.
    One way I know is to send it across the distance
    to the person who is reading this.
    Happy Rose Day 2017
  • I want to be with U until the sun falls from the sky.Happy Rose Day 2017
  • Dazzling roses flawless you and stunning are the things u do yet the loveliest is the fellowship of the two one is me and other is You Happy Rose Day 2017
  • My rose is red, Your eyes are blue, You love me, and I love you. Happy valentine’s day. Happy Rose Day 2017
  • May this Rose Day 2017 give you lot of love and Happiness.
  • Lovely roses lovely you and lovely r the things you do but the loveliest is the friendship of the two one is me, and other is u happy rose day
  • A rose is a symbol of my love for you. Its petals shine in beauty, its thorn shows its pain.

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