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ice cream day: “I think ICE CREAM is one those things that are beyond imagination.”

Ice cream day is celebrated each year in July month and National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third week of July i.e. Sunday, in US (United States). Ice Cream is rich and creamy and will be of full of flavors in summer which make the people cold like the winter and which is perfect any time of the year.


Ice cream is very useful to make the entire cakes and sandwiches. However, the holiday was created by an official proclamation President Ronald Reagon in 1984. At that time Ice cream day was supposed to be celebrate only once that is on July 15, 1984. But the Ice cream industry decide to celebrate Ice cream day every year. After that the month of July is celebrated as the month of the National ice cream.

Ice cream has the many flavors like Bacon, Beer, Biscuit Tortoni, Garlic, Grape, Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate chip cookie dough, Crab, Cookies and Cream, Cornish, Mango, Mint chocolate chip, Oyster, Raspberry Ripple, Rocky Road, Spumoni, Superman, Tiger tail, Hokey pokey, Tutti Frutti, Strawberry.

Ice cream has the different form like: Bar, Bastani, Cone, Cake, Booza, Float, Dondurma, Frozen custard, Fried, Freeze-dried, Kulfi, Gelato, Sandwich, Stir-fried, Soft serve, Sorbetes.

Likeways, Ice cream has the different dishes like: Arctic roll, Affogato, Baked Alaska, Bananas foster, Banana split, Choc ice, Choc-top, Bombe glacee, Café liegeosis, Cherries jubilee, Coffee cabinet, Crème de papaya, Mochi ice cream, Milkshake, Dame Blanche, Mix-in, Tin roof pie, Zuccotto, Sizzling brownie, Peach melba, Parfait, Sundae (Bacon, Golden opulence, Knickerbocker glory).

So, for the Ice cream day many events will be organized like: Glasgow Ice Cream Wars, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Ice Cream Social and National Ice Cream Month.

Ice cream is related with: Carlo Gatti, Gelato University, Geography of ice cream, Ice cream art, Ice cream maker, Ice cream parlor, Penny lick, Ice cream van and squround.

History of Ice Cream Day

Ice cream day has been celebrated since 1984. Ice cream day was supposed to celebrate only one day that is July 1984 but later the Ice cream company decided to celebrate the Ice cream day every July and July month is known as the National Ice cream month in the US. Ice cream has been introduced very first when the milk and ice saw each other and fell in love, so that the ice cream has been introduce at that time. After the ice cream is developed it has introduced in many flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and other so on. Ice cream is versatile you can literally flavor it like anything.

Due to the difficulty of snow in summer there is difficult to have the ice cream only the person who has well wealth and note can reserved the ice cream. But the now world is being advance and made the refrigeration and people can have the ice cream anytime when they want. People mainly prefer the Choco-Tacos in summer and Banana splits in winter, ice cream cakes in spring time and ice cream sandwiches in the fall.


How to Celebrate Ice cream day?

  • Many ice cream stores and parlors sales their special products to the customers on this day. So, people are requested to visit the near Ice cream parlor to enjoy the holiday.
  • If the customer don’t want to have the plain ice cream . The customercan have the ice cream sandwiches or ice cream cake instead.
  • Customer can have the taste of the different ice cream flavoring near theice cream parlors.
  • You are not from the US than it is not difficult to celebrate the Ice cream day. You can have the ice cream from your near ice cream parlor and have fun with your family.

Ice Cream Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Ice Cream Day Observances
Year Weekday Date Name
2018 Sun 22 Jul Ice Cream Day
2019 Sun 21 Jul Ice Cream Day
2020 Sun 26 Jul Ice Cream Day
2021 Sun 25 Jul Ice Cream Day
2022 Sun 24 Jul Ice Cream Day
2023 Sun 23 Jul Ice Cream Day
2024 Sun 21 Jul Ice Cream Day
2025 Sun 20 Jul Ice Cream Day
2026 Sun 26 Jul Ice Cream Day
2027 Sun 25 Jul Ice Cream Day

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